Mehreen Enterprises

Quality Policy

Our commitment to quality is driven by our desire to provide the customer a versatile product that has true value.  True value comes from a product that accounts for customer expectation and reliability, whether the customer is home based, or in the professional setting of a chef’s kitchen.  Customer expectation may include the elements of: taste, texture, cleanliness and appearance.  Achieving true quality value means challenging us to exceed those expectations every time a customer chooses our product and is at the core of our mission each day.

Providing quality products is a whole package including customer relations.  The integrity of our products is in direct relation to the integrity of our service and business relationships.  Cultivating lasting partnerships begins by facilitating sincere, consistant customer care.

Mehreen Enterprises In our Mill each grain of rice is processed for perfection. Procedures like paddy separation, de-stoning, polishing, grading and color sorting of the rice grains are done automatically by high tech machines. Quality packed rice is only allowed into the market after it has passed through strict quality control measures at every stage of processing as well as in our well equipped, modern laboratory. Such detailed care and attention guarantees that SUPER BASMATI RICE will always give you a delicious meal of long and fluffy rice grains with exotic aroma.

As the latest technology used in Japan and Europe we have installed the best machines, like SATAKE, Japan. Among the rice milling industry there is an increasing upgrading with high-tech processing equipment and control systems. We use computerized methods where applicable.

Our expert team of Rice Testers judges the true worth of the milled grains by inspecting, smelling and tasting the cooked rice hence each grain at Mehreen is precision tested and stands testimony to the prudent efforts taken by MEHREEN “Rice Exports and Professionals”.

The company has designed its Quality Management System in line with ISO 9001 – 2000.we ensures hygienic processing and modern packaging methods to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction.