Mehreen Enterprises

About Us

Mehreen Enterprises is one the Leading Miller Supplier and Exporter of world’s most demanded food grain Basmati Rice. Established in 2000 and is Equipped with Worlds Best latest and Most Advanced Machinery of Rice processing and re-processing firm in Pakistan. and is  Engaged in all types of export quality rice Mill is centrally located Read More »

Our Products

Mehreen Enterprises has a broad product line combined with our marketing experience are why more Wholesalers and foodservice service institutions are turning to us as their preferred supplier of rice products. We bring the Basmati Rice from the lush green and water filled fields of Punjab's best suited to grow pure and genuine Basmati. Read More »

Quality Policy

Mehreen EnterprisesOur commitment to quality is driven by our desire to provide the customer a versatile product that has true value.  True value comes from a product that accounts for customer expectation and reliability, whether the customer is home based, or in the professional setting of a chef’s kitchen.  Customer expectation may include the elements of: taste, texture, cleanliness and appearance.  Achieving true » Read More

Milling Process

Mehreen EnterprisesMehreen Rice Mill purchases a large amount of paddy from the open market under the strict quality policy .Selection of paddy is a process where a rice mill needs to devote most of its energies, expertise and time. Thus a lot is purchased only when it meets the stringent quality requirements of the company.» Read More